How To Generate Leads Automatically in 2021

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Generate leads if you wish to grow and prosper. You know it, I know it. But the question is, how?

According to a study by the RAIN Group and ITSMA, the biggest challenge faced by businesses, when they try to generate leads, is grabbing the prospect's attention with the right offer. In this attention-deficit world, you have mere milliseconds to grab your prospects' attention and hold it long enough to get your message across.

Generate Leads- The Biggest Challenge

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Wouldn't it be nice if your prospects told you exactly what they were interested in? Wouldn’t generating leads would be so much easier?

In a moment, I am going to show you how you can uncover their exact needs, even without them telling you. But before that you need to understand basic human nature.

People don't change anything, unless they are forced to do so.

If things are working fine, people will generally ignore or take them for granted. You do it. I do it. And so does everybody else. Which means, unless people face a problem, they will not be ready to change things.

So obviously, your first step should be to know your prospects better. What challenges do they face? What problems are they hoping to solve by using your product / service?

Next you should know, how they search for vendors or service providers.

A marketing automation tool reports all this, and more, without you lifting a finger.

It can track your visitors and tell you where most of them are coming from.

Are they coming to your website from Google? If so, which keywords did they use?

To Generate Leads Track How They Find You

Or, were they referred to you by someone they know? This tells you where you can find them.

Your automation tool can track the prospects' journey through your website and tell you which pages they visited and what resources they consumed. Which whitepapers they downloaded, which case-studies they went through and which videos they watched. When you observe this, it gives you an idea of the problem they're likely to be facing.

Once you study the journeys of a few prospects that went on to convert, you'll start to see a trend. It'll be easier to generate leads because…

Some challenges will appear to be more common than others. Because some pages will be visited more than others. Some videos will be among the most watched ones. A few whitepapers will be the most downloaded ones.

You can also estimate the urgency of their problem based on how many times they revisit your website. If they are frequent visitors you can assume they're quite serious about solving their problem.

Once you link all these observations, you'll get a fair idea of what problems your prospects could be facing, you know where to find them and how desperate they are to get a solution for their problems.

You now, have a framework for your communication plan. You can create a marketing message that speaks specifically about solving this problem.

This is how you match your message to the market. You're now, speaking their language. And this is bound to attract your market's attention!

You can then, automate your communication by creating communication-flows that go on to build relationships with your prospects. Ths is the next step to generate leads.

But wait, how do you automate communication with your prospects? Well, that's a topic for another article. If you liked this article, please subscribe to my website, so that I can notify you when my next article is up, shortly. Stay tuned and in the next article I am going to show you can automate emails and your communication to give your prospects exactly what they need.

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