Email Verification : How and Where?

email verification
email verification

Email Verification - How and Where

“Which email verification service should I use?” It is a question I get asked a lot.

And, it is to be expected. Because, sending emails to dead or
wrong email addresses results in email bounces, which triggers the
SPAM filters to mark your email as SPAM or JUNK.

And this is what I tell them…

“Be very careful while choosing email verification service. Many are just list scrapers who are posing as verification sites." And there's a reason why I say that.

These sites won't  think twice before they take your email addresses and sell them to affiliate marketers and other list vendors.

And one these people get hold of the email addresses in your list, they will spam the hell out of your subscribers. So much so that your subscribers will just stop responding to all emails.

Here' my experience...

I've been burnt by them. If my list was worth, let say $100 per member before I tried one such a verification site, after I verified my list, it was less than a dollar.

That's the level of damage these scammers are capable of.

So be very, very careful.”

But, I don't mean to say that all email verification services are bad or run by scammers.
There are some genuinely good ones which offer a great service.
Only, finding them is hard work. It takes a lot of effort going through the trial and error.

And mistakes can be costly.

My advice is, don't get burnt like I did.

If you are seriously interested in verifying emails, I found a great site that
doesn't take your list or spam your subscribers.

And, know what the best part is?
This email verification site is FREE  to use.
But it's only for genuine marketers.
Please do not misuse this service.

Click here to access your FREE account.
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