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The whole world has been in turmoil for over a year now.
Just when we thought we were winning the war on Covid-19
with the help of vaccines, new cases started emerging with
mutated strains of the virus.

This has taken a toll on businesses, peoples' paychecks, and even jobs.

Solopreneurs and small business owners are facing a
strategic dilemma — whether to invest in growth, or to
lay low for a while and see how things pan out.

Ironically for marketers, advertising expenses have shot up.
Ok. ok… not the actual costs of advertising but the cost of acquisition.

Earlier, if it was costing $1 to acquire a lead, now it costs $2.5 !
At the same time the average order value (AOV) has plummeted.

What this means is, if a first-time customer used to order worth $40 earlier,
now a first-time customer spends only $17.38 !

Less than 50%

This has left marketers with no option but to look for cost-effective ways to
market  their offerings.

And this is where, emails rule the world…

On the one hand, they offer an ROI of 38:1 
while, on the other hand, they cost  marginally in terms of spends.

But aren't emails losing their power?

It depends…

… on which side of the table you view things from.

Did you know… everyday 122 bn emails are filtered out as SPAM, globally?

Yes, 122 billion, with a ‘B'.
And, that makes up 85% of all emails sent.

Which is why if you ask most marketers,
they will tell you emails don't work

At the same time, if you ask the 15% of the marketers whose
emails pass the SPAM filters and land in their prospects' inbox.
They'll tell you a whole different story.

Imagine… they're facing so much less competition.
85% are already out of the race!

I don't know about you, but I like those odds.

But how do you get your emails to land in the inbox?
How do you make sure the SPAM filters are on YOUR side?

One important factor is eliminating email bounces.

You can do this by verifying your email list.

And when I say that, most marketers tell me that all their
email addresses are verified at the time of collection.

And that's a good thing.

But you do know that it's a standard practice among subscribers to
use a different email  during the subscription process so that they
can keep out email spam, right?

Most of these email addresses are, either, disposal email addresses,
or, un-monitored ones.

Sending out your campaigns to such addresses can cause your emails to bounce
thereby causing them to land in the spam folders.

I always advise my clients to verify their list before EVERY broadcast.

Yes, you read that right… before every broadcast.

This drastically reduces your chances of getting email bounces and

make sure you're sending out to genuinely interested subscribers.

So which service should you use to verify emails.

And this is a challenge.

Because most email verification services are email scrapers
in the guise of email verification services.

Be very wary of using such sites.
They will spam the hell out of your list, or

sell your list to other affiliate marketers.

But here's one that I use, which doesn't grab your
email list.

You're welcome to try it out yourself.

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