“Mentoring On A Budget”

“… it wasn’t until I met someone who allowed me to get low down and dirty with his business – to actually look at what he did to push money into his bank account, that I finally ‘got it’ and began to do the same myself…”  

Let me tell you a true story about the day the final piece of the ‘profit puzzle’ dropped into place for me and I started making serious money online.

It was a wet December morning several years ago, and my internet marketing business had earned precisely zero for me overnight while I’d been asleep. For the third week in a row...

Sure I had a website, a product, knew about traffic, affiliates and even wrote decent copy.

I even knew (by heart) what I was supposed to do, and was applying the knowledge I’d learned from over a dozen ‘make money’ products I’d bought.

And I was pretty sure I had the ‘right’ attitude. I used my time effectively, focused on what was important and knew my market.

But the magic dust was missing…

To cut the rest of the story short, it was that same day that I first contacted someone who eventually allowed me to see the behind the scenes in his business – to actually look at what he did to push money into his bank account.

And without seeing it with my own eyes, I doubt it would ever have ‘clicked’ with me. But it did, and I started to make money with my online business.

It was also the day I discovered ‘the truth’.

The truth is that successful internet marketers DON’T actually do things in the same way they tell you to do them – ME INCLUDED!

That’s not because I’m dishonest or think you’re dumb – It’s because many people just won’t ‘get it’, and when I’m creating a product I need to put it together in a way that everyone who buys it will understand and be able to follow it.

But if I could take you inside my business and actually go through what I do, why I do it, and what effect it has, then two things could happen:

1. Some people won’t understand it

2. Some people will go away and start making money online almost immediately.

And that’s what I’m offering right now with my ‘ Mentoring On a Budget’ Program.

Because that knowledge of another successful marketer’s business is EXACTLY what changed my life – what really got my business going, and what makes me hundreds of thousands of dollars on a regular basis.

Let’s back up to the days when I was struggling online though…

My problem was I just didn’t feel like an Internet Marketer. 

I knew precisely what I was ‘supposed’ to do to make money online but it just wasn’t bloody working!

But as soon as my new ‘mentor’ took me inside his business it all began to fall into place.

I could see instantly why some of the things I was doing just weren’t working. And it only took a few ‘tweaks’ to put them right.

More worryingly I learned that some of the techniques I was using would never work in a million years!, despite being touted as ‘gospel’ by half the gurus and their followers.

There’s theory and there’s practice. And I know which works. And the mad fact is that no matter how many products you’ve bought, and how much ‘self-teaching’ you’ve done, you’re simply NOT doing it the way successful Internet Marketers are.

And quite honestly until you get a look at how someone who really brings home the bacon does it, you’re just playing at it.

Sorry but it’s true.

Now here’s my promise to you:

In my ‘Mentoring On a Budget’ program I want to show you what works. What really works.

Actually you’ll know it works because you’ll be able to put it into action.

I’m going to show you how pro internet marketers do things.

And you’ll see how you can adapt it to your own business to make money for yourself.

Simply, effectively and profitably.

Let me take the guesswork out of making money online for you.

Forget the bland theory and watch how a full-time Internet Marketer (me) operates his business.

How do I know what I’m talking about?

Well I’ve made my living online for the best part of a decade, have helped over 500 people to start their own online business and my $1,000 a month personal coaching and mentoring program has been sold out for over a year.

I have a waiting list of people queuing for a place.

But more than that, I run my business from home, working just a few days a week, and earning significantly more than many marketers who work 60+ hours a week.


Because I spend my time looking for (and finding) shortcuts that allow me to work the least amount of time while generating the maximum amount of profit.

I play it smart, not hard.

So here’s my personal invitation to you – come take advantage of my mistakes & my experience and I’ll show you how Internet Marketing REALLY works.

Each week you’re going to see a new lesson that takes you a step forward from where you were a week before. This way you not only have time to go through each lesson, but also the time to implement it in your business and check it out for real. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing over the last 13 years to maintain what I’m pretty sure is my ‘dream lifestyle’

You’ll see what works, and you’ll see what doesn’t (Yes, I’ll be sharing my failures too)

I’ll be sharing with you the same techniques that I recommend to my $1,000 a month personal mentoring clients.

And I fully expect to see you experiencing the same breakthroughs I see from them.

There’s no feeling like it when I witness one of my students hit the same success as me.

When I make a serious breakthrough or find a money-making method that pushes thousands into my bank account, YOU will know about it too!

My ‘Mentoring  on a Budget’ Program will not only keep you up to date with what’s working for me, it’ll also keep you motivated, involved and hopefully will help you go full-time online if that’s what you want.

So what’s it going to cost you each month?

Well you already know I charge $1,000 a month for personal coaching and mentoring, and you’re getting access to same quality of information in this program.

Well you’re going to be very pleasantly surprised. You know me – I try to keep information that I know will make a difference to your business within financial reach of those who need it most.

I was going to make a subscription to my Mentoring on a Budget Program $97 a month. This is genuine ‘inside information’ written personally by me, not some outsourcer or staffer.

But that still might put it out of reach for those people who need it the most.

So I’ve decided against $97, and even not to go with $47.

I’m serious when I say I want to help people build their online business 

For this incredibly buget-friendly price you get to see what I do, how and why I do it, and what effect it has on my business.

At a fraction of the price of my $1,000 a month personal mentoring course.

You will get instant access to the current issue right now, you’ll ‘lock in’ your subscription at this remarkable offer rate, and I’ll send your copy of Budget-friendly Mentoring to your inbox each and every week for as long as you remain a subscriber.

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You’re about to learn everything I know.

You’re about to see everything I do on a month by month basis to generate my income.

I look forward to welcoming you.

Best Wishes,

Mancuso Guillermo

P.S. This is your chance to finally grab the missing piece of your jigsaw!

P.P.S. Remember I spend my time looking for (and finding) shortcuts that allow me to work the least amount of time while generating the maximum amount of profit. Let me share them with you RIGHT NOW.