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What My Clients Say

His ability to sniff opportunities & turning them into business is commendable. He is a very hard working, soft spoken & out-of-the box thinker.
Anand Singh
Co-founder Wilson Financial Services, Member of the Task Force, FSC Mauritius
At Colgate, I had the herculean task of rolling out a loyalty program for my dealers across the country. It was quite a complex task given the sheer numbers, the geographical spread, the multiple databases and the thousands of transactions involved.
I was very impressed to see the way Prash rolled out the project with such ease. He understood every requirement,came out with instant solutions and consistently delivered as per timelines.
Saikot Das
Manager Customer Marketing, Colgate Palmolive
Prash is a very versatile and well rounded professional. He has a liberal thought process, albeit with his feet firmly on the ground. With his diversified experience in various industries and functions, he is capable of bringing firm and practical logic to the table.
Nimit Gulati
VP Authentication & Identity Solutions, Mastercard, Asia Pacific

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