Getting Personal … And FINALLY doing something I’ve been promising you

For the past few days I’ve been telling you about the spat I had with my friend, Barry.

And how he ended up challenging me to a contest.

I’m sure you’ve gone through the whole sequence of events are fully behind me (hopefully).

Well … today is a bit different.

I want to pull back the curtain and share something more personal.

Here goes ...

Barry & I go waaaay back. 

As kids we grew up in the same neighbourhood ... attended the same school ... same high school ... even the same college.

Both of us are in the same field ... online marketing. 

But the thing is ... both of us have been competing since we've known each other. 

Sometimes it is healthy ...  most of the times ...  it's not.

Like the time when ... back in high school ... Barry bet I couldn't eat 56 doughnuts in one go.

I did it and won the bet  and showed Barry who was the king of doughnuts.

Only to fall horribly sick the next day ... and miss out on the selection rounds for the school basketball team.

Which was his plan all along 

Barry, however, made it to the team.

So when Barry made that comment about my affiliates I was offended.

And I decided to give my affiliates a fighting chance ...

 ... at not only selling more, but also making a sustainable income.

But Barry has a BIG advantage over me.

His email list is way bigger than mine.

Which means this challenge is not fair at all.

But I am going to fight nevertheless. 

I'm not going to give him the pleasure of wallowing in victory without working for it.

But there’s more.


And that means a big advantage for you … (Stay tuned until next time)

 - Mancuso,

P.S. I’ll be back with more details in a couple of days. But until then, tell me in the comments if you are indeed interested in affiliate marketing at all. What areas you find challenging?