Facebook Marketing : How savvy veterans are marketing without spending

Most of you are familiar with Facebook’s algorithm and even ways to boost posts for as little as $5.

Tips, tricks and hacks to boost organic reach on Facebook

But perhaps the most effective method used by savvy social media marketers remains buried and almost unknown to most Facebook users.

After Facebook started limiting the reach of your posts to only 7%-8% of your fans and friends a couple years ago, savvy marketers figured out ways that had the extraordinary effect of blazing their organic reach and boosting engagement while slashing advertising costs to almost nil.

Yes, these methods increase reach without you requiring to spend anything.

What are these Facebook posting methods?

The answer seems so fabulous. Since Facebook started experimenting with their EdgeRank algorithm in order to make your feed more relevant for you, hordes of marketers have completely stopped using the ‘Boost Post’ feature even though it is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve exposure for your posts.

As a result, Facebook is seriously considering removing the feature completely in the coming days.

So, could it be that savvy marketers lost interest in Facebook as a marketing channel, and decided to look at other avenues to generate exposure?

That appears unlikely because these very marketers are still active on Facebook and are putting up posts quite regularly.

Could it have been then, that Facebook is selectively allowing some members reach more fans than the others? Hardly.

Their normal posts are still garnering 7%-8% reach.

But Facebook, most definitely, is selectively allowing some posts reach a far greater number of people than the others. And the savvy marketers have found out which types of post these are.

They have merely changed their approach to posting on Facebook from just posting and hoping that their friends and fans see them, to ensuring that they get increased reach and exposure.

One marketing veteran reported a 5X jump in reach just by changing his approach to posting.

So, by the marketers own admission, they were still using Facebook as a medium, only they were doing it differently and getting more people to view their posts in return, without spending on promoting these posts.

What is special about this new Facebook posting method?

In fact, there 11 little known tricks that can be used by you and me that can exponentially increase the exposure that our posts get.


There are ways to make your posts reach more people on Facebook. So far these were known only to the veterans and not opened to the public. And, all these methods are absolutely fair according to Facebook. In fact, Facebook wants us to use these methods.

These methods have an immediate impact on the success of your social media campaign.

And, if you’re interested in knowing what these 11 tricks are, you can download them by clicking here. You can also customize them to your unique situation by answering a few question .

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