Do You Groan When You Have To Create Fresh Content ?

Are you worried your clients will rush to  
your competitors who always provide fresh articles?

“This is the Attention Economy. And nothing grabs attention more than something new... something unique... something interesting.”

You and I have never met.

But there's a common concern we all share. 
The possibility of losing our customers... or clients... our business.

Having a busines on the web comes with a universal challenge -- a continuous need for fresh content.

A static website, updated with cutting-edge content 3 years ago doesn't work anymore.

For the big businesses, it's not much of a problem

They can easily hire a team and set the ball rolling.

But what about the
smaller businesses?

What about businesses which cannot afford to hire
a team just to create content?

Many might say, they can always outsource.

They think the answer lies with sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, etc.
Where for a few dollars you can find writers ready to churn out blog posts.

But there's a catch!

For most of these writers the focus is on creating unplagiarized content.
Which means unique content.

But what about search engine optimized content and
what about making humans want to read?


That's the challenge

You can, either, find content optimizers who can optimize for search engines,


... you can find writers who can write articles for real people.

Rarely both.

And, if you're like me, I'm sure you'd hate having to choose between the two.

Because having Search Engine Optimized content which is also interesting to real people to read is like having both the wheels on a bicycle.

You leave one wheel out, and nothing moves.

But there's hope...

Gary, a friend of mine, who  runs a radio hamset website. He started getting 15,766 new visitors a month since he started putting out fresh posts each week. Resulting in 371 new leads.

A huband-wife team from Atlanta, who run a "win at card games" website for newbie players. They reported new orders worth $ 14,620 in just 3 weeks... from uploading new articles... once a week.

Like many, even I used to think
- You could either write for the search engines or for humans

The way I was trained in SEO by the  "gurus", I was told-- what the search engines want, is so different from what interests your human visitors.

And, in many ways they were right...

... at the time.

You see, things have changed so much since then.

According to an estimate, Google releases more than 600 updates to their algorithm ever year. That's approximately 2 updates a day!

Now search engines have started tracking visitor interactions and relying on human behavior more than other optimization parameters.

Let me explain.

Let's suppose you search for the term - "best rods for fly fishing"

You get 10 results on page one...

... you start clicking the search results one-by-one.

But you like the website on rank three more than the first two, and you spend more time on that page than the others. A few others follow in your footsteps and spend more time on website number 3.

Google tracks this, and interprets this as result number three being more relevant for the search term "best rods for fly fishing" and bumps it's ranking up from third, to second. Maybe even rank it first.

Which is Why You Need Both

  • Search Engine Optimized Content. To make sure you figure on the first page of the search results. This includes incorporating things like proper page-title, meta-description, word count, optimum keyword density, search intent, latent semantic analysis, image-tags, inbound links, outbound links, and many more.   We use a 150-point check-list to make sure we get them all.
  • Content Optimized for Humans.  Content that caters to human habits. Articles that not only draw them in but also keeps them from leaving. Most readers skim the whole page and look for a safe place to stop reading. They stop only to consider if a point is worth reading. Once they feel they won't miss anything new, they leave your page. We employ many techniques to keep the reader from leaving your page.

We Use Our Proprietary Method

Content Lasso

For Creating Content & To Keep Your Readers From Abandoning Your Website

The first objective of our content creation process is to draw the readers in and to get them to start reading. And next, we put them on a slippery slope that just keeps them from abandoning your website mid-way. And Google simply loves this! 

And Google Simply Loves This

  • You get more visitors hitting your website 
  • You get visitors spending more time on your website 
  • You get readers who go through your full article

Want to See Content Lasso working it's Magic on YOUR Website? 

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