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My "Controversial" Secret Switch That

BUILDS YOUR LIST Automatically

If you want to know how green behind the ears, starting from scratch, rank newbies (who couldn't code if their life depended on it) generate lists of thousands of new prospects automatically... then this page is for you.

Here's what it's all about...

Several years ago when I was working for a direct marketing company, a friend told me about this $ 112 billion insurance company that carried out an interesting exercise.

They had carried out a de-duplication exercise of all their policies and policy-holders.


… they wanted the multiple policy records belonging to the same individual to be merged into a single record and all their policies assigned to the correct holder.

For most people this would appear to be a simple straight-forward exercise.

Not worthy of a second look.

But the enormity of the exercise becomes evident when you realise that a single person could hold multiple policies… acquired over several years… as the individual went through different stages of life.

And all of them could carry confusing details like different house addresses, different phone numbers and even different email addresses. Many of the policy documents didn't even contain the SSN or any other unique identification.

So what did the agency do?

  • Call up each policy holder and ask them to list all their policies?
  • Write to them asking for details of all the policies they held with the company?
  • Email them and request them to reply with policy numbers they had acquired through their lifetimes?



They acquired a piece of software belonging to
the intelligence agency of an un-named country

… and used that to identify duplicate holders and merge all duplicate records into a single record within a few weeks.

In fact, the software was even able to tag undetected policies (where holders had died, changed names and, in some cases, even changed their sex) to their correct owners.

The question is, how did the software do this?

The answer is pretty simple:

A simple example could be a combination of the full name and date of birth.

For most purposes, this combination can be considered unique. The chances of multiple individuals having the same name and the same date of birth are pretty rare.

Even with a name like John Smith, there won't be many with the same date of birth.

This technology was originally developed to collect bits of…

Information About Hostile Undercover Agents...

 ... and gets a confirmation on their identities.

And this is no joke, when you consider how often the agents keep changing their identities throughout their careers.

And guess what?

You can use this very technology to build a massive email list of cash-in-hand, hungry-to-buy prospects, automatically.

After a lot of search and hustling I managed to get my hand on this piece of software. My next piece of action was—to tweak it for list building purposes.

And get this:

I have been using this for over 2 years now, fine-tuning the software ironing out the glitches.

And recently, released this software to the public.


It is specifically…

Identify visitors on your website, pull their email addresses &
match them to their owners

I’m not joking.

This software uses the EXACT same techniques intelligence services use to collect info on hostile, undercover spies and identify them.

This piece of software in its “raw” form costs upwards of $10,000 in the open market.

In its raw format, it isn’t even fit for use.

The customization itself cost a few thousand dollars more.
But now, you can get this software in your hands for a small fraction of that amount.

More on that in a second.

Using a primitive version the insurance company was able to sift through 800 million records and tag them to the rightful holders. 

Our version?

Our version can identify upto 70% of your website visitors from the US.

Maybe now you can see why this software is such a game-changer.

But listen, the benefits don't end there:

  • Gets upto 15x more leads: Your visitor doesn't need to take any action. It works secretly behind the scene, legally spying on all visitors, and collects information on its own. 

  • Increases revenue by upto 20%: More warm leads can easily scale your marketing results.  

  • EASY PEASY : You won't need opt-in forms. No more frustrating codes to unravel. This makes it easy for newbies and solopreneurs to use.

  • ELIMINATES the need for lead magnets: No more confusing decisions. No second guessing what your audience would like. No shooting in the dark fussing over what lead magnet to create. 

  • STOPS Traffic leaks: Make the most of you traffic, get more opt-in rates instead of paltry 5-6% opt-in rates across the internet. Stop wasting traffic.

And speaking of wasting…

Think about how much you add to your bottom-line if you could get just 50% increase in leads from the same number of visitors.

The dumbest mistake people make is thinking they can go through the whole shebang of breaking-the-ice … buiding rapport… projecting credibility… and a dozen different things on the landing page… and sell their lead magnet so that the visitors are finally ready to part with their email addresses.

In my opinion, it's asking for too much.

This software …

Gets their Email Address Easily,
Without You Jumping Through Hoops

In short…

It’s like getting the phone number from that knock-out stranger within minutes of meeting them.

Remember this…

You won’t find this software on the open market.

I had to search for 3 years to get my hands on it.

And I had to pay $ 10,000 to get it. That too, in a very crude form.

I had to spend more money and time getting it to work smoothly-- the way it works now.

You won’t have to wonder how to start a list from zero, and do all this without even…

Breaking Your Bank!

So how much does Email Private Eye cost?

If I hear from you today (Right NOW), I’ll let you have Email Private Eye for just $ 125 a month for upto 400 contacts. That's just $ 0.5 per lead

Not clicks... but lead in your mailing list!

That’s a steal knowing that the software is being peddled for thousands of dollars and that too in a crude form.

This is a mere fraction what intelligence services of most countries are paying to get their hands on this.

Know this…

That’s a small part of what you’d end up spending to collect these many email addresses… using old traditional opt-in methods… using forms, lead magnets… and hoping that someone bites.

But you have to hurry… this revolutionary technology won’t be on the market for long… I don’t want this piece to get into the mass market.

The more main-stream it becomes, it loses its edge. And I want to preserve the edge.

I usually allow only a select few among my regular clients to get this. And I did allow a few to become the beta-testers for this technology.

But now, that I know it works great, I want to test it with regular business owners who are struggling to grow their lists.

So don’t put this off.

I’ll be yanking this page down soon—maybe even by tonight.

Grab your copy by clicking on the “Add to cart” button below.

To higher profits,

Prashant Shanbhag

P.S. One more thing…

If I hear from you right now (and if there are any left in stock)
I’ll also toss in my email nurture sequence files for you to swipe.

This is something that’ll help you build rapport and a relationship
with your list and get them to believe and trust you.

In fact, nurturing is something you need to do regardless of
whether you build your list with Email Private Eye or some other way.

And this sequence has been designed after a lot of thought and planning.

Here are some of the things that the nurture sequence does when you swipe it:

  • Develops rapport instantaneously for you
  • Reveals how to generate trust and credibility even if you’re just starting out in your field
  • Warms up your list so that they look forward to your next emails
  • Opens up your readers to buy from you

Listen: You only get so much attention from your readers.

With their inbox choked with unread messages, you need something special to stand out and make them open, or even better, eagerly wait for your emails.

If you swipe (do not copy) from the nurture sequence, it incorporates some sneaky tricks to build instant rapport… generate credibility… and get your list warmed up to accept offers from you.

Again here’s the deal:

If we have any left in stock (we could run out of this product by end of today), this secret email nurture sequence is yours free with EMAIL PRIVATE EYE.

But you must hurry.

Once these cutting-edge sequences are gone… they’re gone forever.


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