Who Else Wants To Receive Regular Monthly Commission Payments?


Mancuso explains how it works...

I'd like to help you earn a regular monthly income by simply telling your contacts about a free report of mine.

There's no selling involved on your part - just send clicks my way and I'll do the rest through my tried and tested email marketing methods - all you have to do is bank the money.

Who am I to promise you all this?

My name is Mancuso Guillermo and I make a 6 Figure Income working from my home in London, UK creating my own publications, products, courses and workshops.

I help people to create their own online businesses, income streams and turn their passions into profit or full-time businesses.

And it all starts with one simple free report that gives an overview what I do.

So in short, here's what's in it for YOU:

You Simply Tell People About My Free Report

I Do All The Selling

You Bank The Commissions

There's more...

1. It will cost you NOTHING to join

2. All you need to do is tell your contacts about my free report

3. Then I'll take over and my simple but effective daily email marketing system will make sales to your referrals for you.

4. Your affiliate ID is 'cookied' into the process (and stays there) by a unique affiliate link, so that you will be credited for every person who makes a purchase after you've sent them to my free report.

5. This will result in you receiving 50% of all purchases your referral makes forever. Or at least as long as they're on my list :)

I have many products including:

1. My $17 -  $19 Ebook & Audiobook Email Magic (you get 50%)

2. My $19 per month – Marketing Maverick Membership (you get 50% of every monthly sale for as long as they remain a member)

3. My $47 Alexa Traffic Workshop (you get 50%)

4. My $297 - $497 Email Coaching Option (You get 50%)

And over 25 other products.

And everything else I introduce into my email marketing strategy in the future - I create a new product every couple of months, (I reserve the right to exclude certain promotions and products from time to time)

(Don't worry I'll show you exactly how to send people to my free page)

Your commissions are paid like clockwork directly to your bank / Stripe account 30 days after the sale that earns your commission is made.

When you create a free affiliate account on the next page you'll be able to see exactly when your payouts are due.

I provide help and support to help you generate as much 'hands free' income as possible as an affiliate of mine. You're not just another number - you become a member of my team and as such you're treated like a family member.

Here's What You Need To Do Now:

Sign up for my Partners Program using the form below (or the one at the top of the page - they're exactly the same), and become an affiliate. You'll get more details, your own unique link that sends your clicks to my free report page, you'll be instantly approved for ALL my products and I'll even thrown in a swipe email you can use :)

What have you got to lose?

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