How long will you struggle online?
(When will it END?)

Some years ago, I was struggling financially. I had just started this business and for the first few months it wasn't generating any income.

I didn't have:

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    Any email list that I could target.
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    Any product that I could readily sell.
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    Nor time that I could afford to spare  from my research work. 

That's when I came across the

10 Minute Sales Magic system

It promised to get me started on my first sale within 30 minutes. And I could keep on generating sales day-after-day as long as I spent 10 minutes working the system.

"Poppycock. "

I remember thinking to myself, "if only things were so damn easy."

My research-driven analytical brain was talking here. It sounded too good to be true.

But I had not earned anything for months and it was straining our finances badly.

It was priced at $ 297.

And I remember thinking, m-a-y-b-e this will work.

What's the worst that could happen?

I'd lose the $297 and 30 minutes setting up the funnels. May be I should take the chance.

But my skeptical, analytical mind wasn't going to let me.

I spent the next 14 days researching the system. Trying to find faults with it and doing everything BUT what the system wanted me to do.

After spending 14 days in the futile endeavor trying to prove the system wrong. 

I finally gave in.

I set-up my 10-Minute Sales Magic system and...

“I generated $ 101.49 on the first day! I was over the moon. I was dancing with the unicorns on the rainbow."

The next day I had sales of $ 128.09.  I hadn't seen this much cash in months. 

But how does it work?

You know the 3 success-factors for online sales, right?

For any successful online business you need:

  • High quality products that are in great demand
  • Targeted traffic that is hungry for your product
  • A system to convert the traffic into paying customers

Quality Products

The system finds high quality products  The best part is, you don't even have to create them yourself. 

​Targeted Traffic

It generates a flood of targeted traffic for your products. You get a hungry  waiting crowd. So selling is easy.

Scientific System

The original system was good, but with my research and testing I have put the system on steroids.

chat-2-cash testimonial

"It's a pleasant surprise to find a system that really works..."

" With a name like this I thought it was another pie-in-the-sky kind of scheme. I was seriously expecting this to fail, like all the other products before it. But to my surprise, it worked... and is still working. I started with 10 minutes a day in the beginning but I began to enjoy it so much that I spend 2-3 hours daily now. I am generating enough cash that in a couple of months I'll be able to take my first vacation in a long time."

- Pauline Drew (Work-at-home Mom)

In fact,  the 10 Minute Sales Magic is not new. 

"What is new are the fundamentals on which it is based.

This gives it the Killer Edge."

It is a system that:

  • Saves time: You don't have to conduct market research to find product opportunities.
  • Saves money: Imagine getting everything you need to know on a platter--ready to use.
  • Repeatable: Once you set it up, you generate cash over and over again.

  If you know my work, I don't recommend anything lightly. I test, put things through their paces, retest, measure against a control...

... and only when they measure up I pass them on to my customers.

And, this is one system that I have wholeheartedly approved for my customers.

What 10 Minute Sales Magic Does for You:


Takes you from
broke to pulling 3-figures daily

"Video lessons with step-by-step instructions  make the concept easy to grasp."

The 10 Minute Sales Magic has everything you need and nothing that you don't. Making it the easiest system to use to regularly pull in 3-figure sales on a daily basis.

Without a website

We've made the system so easy to implement that it doesn't even require that you have a website of your own. It pulls in sales like clockwork without a website and the hassle of maintaining one.

Without paying a cent for traffic

You have probably heard that, it takes money to make money. Once you've used the 10 Minute Sales Magic you will prove them all wrong. 

The system makes you flood your offers with free organic traffic so that you generate money without having to spend first. 

Without wasting hours on unproductive work

You know why most systems fail?

It's because of this thing called "Life". 

Who has hours and hours to pour? When you have a job to go to, a family to look after and relationships to care for?

This system has been designed for regular people who live normal lives.

And that means, very little time to spend on this system. It is mostly  a hands-off method that takes setting up just once and then letting the autopilot take over.

Why can't everything be like this?

Newbie-friendly so that anybody can make it work

If you follow instructions like 1-2-3, you can do this

If you can sign-up using an email address and password, you can do this, if you can type on a keyboard, you can do this.

This has been designed for regular people, not the nerds. You do not require any coding expertise, nor any marketing expertise. Everything is covered in a step-by-step way so that you can make it work.

Video lessons make it easy to understand.

"I had almost given up all hope of making money online."

"By the time I return from work I am so exhausted that I hardly have time for dinner before hitting the bed. There was no way I could spend hours on a computer after work.

That's where this 10 Minute Sales Magic fit perfectly. Now I know I can make it work because it is that easy and the best part is, it doesn't require a lot of time. "

- Jim Parker (Hospital Staff Worker)

What You Get...

The full Step-by-Step system for setting up an Evergreen Cash Machine 

"The 10 Minute Sales Magic is an extremely simple 2-Step Money Making System Without any fluff.  It makes you money FAST, even if you are a newbie!"


If I could make this work, with no list, no money, no mentor, no mastermind, no website, no product, no experience, no training, imagine what you could do when you get your hands on this system. What you will do with all the extra cash?


Get Instant Access to 10 Minute Sales Magic!

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose with our 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Tools to help you succeed:

To get you started we offer you 3 pieces of software you can sell these and keep the money.

ClicksIt (Value $ 99): Helps you claim borrowed authority.  Share authority links and create lockdowns at definite points and garner optins. You can  ise it to promote your affiliate links and drive traffic to your offers.

Kickstart Survey (Value $ 99): Use high traffic sites to run your survey and generate tons of customer feedback. Use this to grow your own list. You can drop a retargeting pixel in to the survey and run retargeting campaigns. Completely cloud-based software so you have nothing to download.

LeadIn (Value $ 99) : Design and run viral campaign with the click of a button. Hot product in great demand. Integrates with your autoresponder to collect targeted leads. Run unlimited campaigns. Use social media to spread the word with a single click. Run affilicat e program with this same piece of software.

Total Value of $ 297

Chat-2Cash testimonial

"This complete step-by-step system is easy"

"​ CliksIt is an awesome product that definitely over delivered on its promises! Prash takes you by the hand with step-by-step guideline and teaching what he and many other high level marketers are doing! Free Traffic Sources are totally awesome...."

- Kevin Jones (Software Architect)

chat-2-cash testimonial

"I was tired of chasing cash month after month"

"You can finally make it come true! Prash has put together an awesome system that shows you how to generate the easiest and most hands-off passive income you’ll ever see. What’s most surprising is that this is the same method he used for the past 2+ years that everybody thought it was dead, and he’s here to PROVE them all wrong."

- Irene Jacobs (Wellness Expert)

It just works: Beauty is in the system behind it

You don't need to create products.  You choose from a ready selection of products that have a high demand. These are products created by other developers who are looking for people to market them. You get to pick and choose products that YOU want in your niche.

I'll show you the biggest marketplaces for such products. You can pick products from your niche, whatever it may be. From pet-care to plant care, from jewellery design to nutrition. You choose. Some of the biggest names in the affiliate marketing world started this way. People like Charles Ngo, Pat Flynn, Darren Rowse all started small with a single product, a dream and a system similar to this one. And now, you get to play the game.

This system works now. It's not an obsolete system which has outlived its utility. It's a system which works even today. 

I use this system even to this day to generate pocket -change for my hobbies or impulse purchases. What will you use it for when you generate cash like this?

Summary of What You’ll Get...

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    Full Video Lessons 
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    Complete step-by-step system
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    24/7 Access to all the lessons
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    Accessible from all devices
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    All bonuses

All these now for just:

For a limited time, we are offering a special offer for our members. This is 70% OFF the regular price.


Get Instant Access to 10 Minute Sales Magic!

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose with our 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Try it now before the offer ends.

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60 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't generate a single sale over the next 60 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

"If you don't generate a single sale with this system over the next 60 days, I don't deserve to keep your money. It's my personal promise that I will offer a full refund if in the next 60 days you aren't able to generate a single sale with this system.

Prash Shanbhag


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How much will I make with this method?

​What if I don't have any tech skills or online experience?

Does this work in any niche?

​How soon will I get results?

Is there a guarantee with this ?

Is the 10 Minute Sales Magic system really 100% newbie-friendly?


Get Instant Access to 10 Minute Sales Magic!

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose with our 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Try it now before the offer ends. You owe it to yourself

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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